Freely available Calculation routines

No responsibility is accepted for the use or application of these calculation routines
Subject Select Calculation Routine
VIBRATION Acceleration - Velocity - Displacement conversion for sine wave
Area under log-log psd curve
Sine sweep - duration and stress cycles.
Miles Equation solver.
SHOCK Half-sine and Haversine free-fall impact
Final peak sawtooth free-fall impact
NOISE Decibel addition. Add up to 6 dB values.
Decibel subtraction.
dB(linear) and dB(A) from Octave or one-third octave levels
Daily Personal Noise Exposure, LEP,d for combination of periods of differing exposure.
Weekly Personal Noise Exposure, LEP,w from Daily Exposure, LEP,d
CLIMATICS Pressure units conversion table
Humidity calculations

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