For a single degree of system exposed to a random vibration power spectral density input, gin this program will compute the rms acceleration response, Grms and the rms displacement, Xrms

Input variables are:
(1) input psd (in g2/Hz or (m/s)2/Hz) around the resonance frequency
    (assumed to be flat over at least an octave each side of fn)
    (Range: 0.0001< g2/Hz <100 and 0.001< (m/s)2/Hz <1000 )
(2) the resonance frequency, fn in Hertz      (Range: 1< fn <2000 )
(3) the Quality Factor, Q      (Range: 1< Q <100 )

Grms values are given to 2 decimal places, Xrms values are given to 4 dec. places. Calculated values smaller than can be displayed are considered insignificant and given as zero.

For further information:

 Input psd

 g2/Hz  OR   (m/s2)2/Hz

 Resonance frequency, fn  Hertz.

  Quality Factor      

 Grms   g
     Xrms   mm