OCTAVE / ONE-THIRD OCTAVE CALCULATION ROUTINES Input Octave Band Levels in  dB Input One-Third Octave Band Levels in  dB

This program will calculate dB(linear) and dB(A) values from octave or one-third octave frequency band input data.

For EACH octave band, values may be input in octave OR one-third octave values.

For a restricted frequency range, individual boxes may be left vacant and will ignored. Please note, however, that an input of 0 dB represents a finite value and will be added to the overall total. Upon presentation of results vacant boxes are placed by a "___" sign to denote that values at these frequencies were not used.

Negative values and values over 200 dB will not be processed.

Values are given to 1 decimal place.

For further information:
16 Hz   dB   12.5 Hz   dB  
16 Hz   dB  
20  Hz   dB  
31.5 Hz    dB  25 Hz    dB 
31.5 Hz   dB  
40 Hz   dB  
63 Hz   dB   50 Hz   dB  
63 Hz   dB  
80 Hz   dB  
125 Hz   dB   100 Hz   dB  
125 Hz   dB  
160 Hz   dB  
250 Hz   dB   200 Hz   dB  
250 Hz   dB  
315 Hz   dB  
500 Hz   dB   400 Hz   dB  
500 Hz   dB  
630 Hz   dB  
1 kHz   dB   800 Hz   dB  
1 kHz   dB  
1.25 kHz   dB  
2 kHz   dB   1.6 kHz   dB  
2 kHz   dB  
2.5 kHz   dB  
4 kHz   dB   3.15 kHz   dB  
4 kHz   dB  
5 kHz   dB  
8 kHz   dB   6.3 kHz   dB  
8 kHz   dB  
10 kHz   dB  
16 kHz   dB   12.5 kHz   dB  
16 kHz   dB  
20 kHz   dB  
      Total =   dB(Lin) Total =   dB (A)